Composer takes into consideration that every website design needs to be unique and the process to achieve it yet must be simple and hassle free. This is why Visual Composer is developed in a way that it empowers any WordPress theme and allows you easily build almost any type of layout on the top of your favourite theme. In other words – you don’t have to search for theme specific layout builder and change it every time you have acquired new theme.

Visual Composer will work for all of them with no problems – just install your theme, activate Visual Composer plugin and start building layouts right away. Use Frontend or Backend editor and add Visual Composer content elements to your WordPress theme with just 1 click only.

Moreover, Visual Composer recognizes your previous content and wraps it into VC friendly containers, without losing any data or structure, which allows you access quick edit options for those elements. No more content separation or hiding – Visual Composer stores all data in standard WordPress content field which allows WordPress to index it.