How to Drag Element and Change Order with Visual Composer

Visual Composer is built to grad and drop element to create any content easily with less time and effort. You can drag almost from 100 of awesome elements of Visual Composer and drop on your content area to create a page or post. With Visual Composer you can easily clone any element, then drag and drop on any place in your blog post or page.

To add element simply click on “Plus” sign and choose “Row”

Divide the row with 3 columns

Now add an image using “Single image” element and add text blog

To add image on other rows simply click on “Clone Single Image”

Clone Image

Then choose “Single Image” to drag and drop on other Row

Drop image

To Drag and drop text use “Clone Text Block” and drop the text block on other Row

Clone Text

Text Block drag

This is how you can use Drag and Drop options with Visual Composer